Fondazione Italiana Biologi

: Feb 8, 2018

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Born in 2013, Fondazione Italiana Biologi is a National Institution that operates in the field of biology.

Its main aims are:

  • To endorse education and the dissemination of scientific results
  • To foster research in cooperation with Universities and research institutes
  • To organize studies and research activities in the fields of biology (clinical pathology, genetics, biotechnology, cytology, forensic biology, human, animal and plant nutrition, hygienics and security in food, environment: air, water, soil)
  • To sustain every initiative aimed at the protection of the environment and the ecosystem, through scientific research and technological progress
  • To establish specific classes for biologists, conferences and seminars
  • To establish scholarships and awards in order to promote the activities of biologists

Fondazione Italiana Biologi is based in Roma and it works in cooperation with university professors and national research institutes.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Food Safety
 Health Care
 Environmental protection
 Biological Sciences
 Medical Biotechnology

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