: Feb 20, 2024

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Singa is a non-profit association regularly inscribed in the Italian register of the third sector, made up of policy makers, psychologist, teachers and professionals in the field of training, job search and guidance, educational and psychological support .
The association aims to contribute positively to the growth of the community and individuals in which it operates by promoting values of solidarity and inclusion to reduce inequalities, offering learning opportunities, employment placement, personal and professional development for young people and adults, students, the unemployed and workers, through courses, workshops, meetings and counselling services in different fields.

In particular, Singa deals with:
1) Counter the disparity in access to education by providing the tools to progress culturally
and socially, work, achieve one's goals, improve oneself, open one's mind, expose one's ideas and knowledge to allow anyone the freedom to make choices who wishes for a better future.

2) Guidance towards study and professional choices by helping to understand one's skills, passions and interests and guiding in the choice of suitable careers and study paths.

3) Conduct scientific research activities in the field of education in order to identify and improve teaching practices, promote innovation and encourage the development of environmental conditions suitable for learning.

4) Collaborate with educational institutions and companies by establishing partnerships with schools, universities, public entities and companies to create professional learning opportunities.

5) Create training courses that provide for the development of the skills required by the labor market, effectively reducing unemployment and underemployment.

6) Provide support to students, schools and families to emerging and common issues as:
- Mental health, stress, anxiety, depression and other mental related disorders related to academic pressure, competition and to perform well.
- Bullying, cyberbullying and physical or verbal violence within the school environment.
- excessive use of digital devices, social media and video games
- Lack of inclusiveness, discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, appearance or ability.
- Difficulty in adapting to social, cultural and lifestyle changes
- Problems related to personal, sexual and cultural identity
- Disparities in access to quality educational resources, including technologies and qualified teachers.
- Complexity of social relationships, friendships and romantic dynamics during adolescence.
- Problems related to drug use, alcohol or smoking
- Changes in the family structure such as divorce, separation or family problems
- cybersecurity, fake news and disinformation

7) Provide young people with fundamental knowledge about human rights, democratic institutions, the functioning of justice and civil liberties.

For the best and most effective realization of the aforementioned objectives, SINGA has organized itself internally by dividing itself into four different areas:
- Research and guidance.
- Training and Healthcare.
- Networking and project development.
- Communication and events.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Education and Training
 Cross-border cooperation
 European Politics

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