Enrico Maria Andreini

 Fisheries and Food
 Food Safety

: Nov 26, 2022

About Me

Senior Program Manager for FISHMEDNETproject an ENICBCBMED funded project. Responsible for the three regions of in of Puglia, Sardinia and Liguria, where we focus on engaging fishers from micro-to-small medium enterprises look into possibilities to diversify their main activity of fishing.

Previously worked for international NGOs always in the context for rural and coastal fishery development in Africa and Asia, as well as, carried out various assessments for project implementation. Other experiences fall under the in the project management area of in south east Asia for the development of sustainable fishery and food and safety quality manager for seafood processing facilities in New Zealand.   

Fields of Expertise:

 Marine and Coast
 Biological Sciences
 Technical Writing
 Business Writing
 Academic Writing

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