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Abel Jiménez de la Torre user results picture
I am an European Project Manager working at Sulayr. A consulting company managing EU projects related to Entrepreneurship, Mobility, ArtS, R&D, Innovation, Higher education and others

Realejo-San Matias, Granada, Spain

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Created today
Michèle user results picture
Our vision is that ideologically vulnerable people and violent offenders motivated by extremism change their behaviour through deradicalisation efforts, lead independent lives and become part of the democratic community, in order to prevent extremism of any kind. Violence Prevention Network works to ensure that people have the tools and resources available to reflect on and overcome their previous behaviour patterns. The goal is to enable them to live a life in which they do not harm themselves or others.

Mitte, Berlin, Germany

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Thierry Berisot

Created 5 days ago
Thierry Berisot user results picture

Specialist - Worldwide recongized expert in IoT / LPWAN and Telecom

Smart City / Smart Agriculture

Sofia, Bulgaria

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Christos Nicolaides

Created on 11 Jul 2018
Christos Nicolaides user picture

I have been involved in EU projects, especially Erasmus+ & COSME, for more than 1o years. I act as a project writer, a project coordinator or a partner. I am very familiar with the project requirements and i can contribute to project write-up. I belong to some EU project networks and the formation of consortia is very feasible task.

I can collaborate with partners engaged in projects, managing their participation and reporting obligations.

Limassol, Cyprus

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