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Isabel Assunção user picture
I'm a student of psychology at Coimbra's University. I'm currently doing my master and I hope I can bring something to the table.

Coimbra, Portugal

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Angel Georgiev

8 hours ago
Angel Georgiev user picture
is a career guidance questionnaire that can be completed anonymously by children and parents. By answering 25 simple questions, the filler gets, as a result, the most appropriate profession, tailored to his/her answers. The questionnaire provides an opportunity for career guidance that meets the needs of the education system, business and raises the current topic of the professions of the future.

Sofia, Bulgaria

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FRANCESCA CARUSO user results picture

I am a researcher working on the Mediterranean and Middle East division of the Istituto Affari ;

Rome, Italy

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Kyle Dorsett

6 days ago
Kyle Dorsett user picture

A graduate of the Master's Degree in International Cooperation in Education and Training at the University of Paris, Kyle is a consultant with a generalist profile in education policy. His interest in digital education policy has been influenced by his diverse experiences in higher education as a teacher and administrator. His interest

Diplômé du Master Coopération Internationale en Education et Formation de l'Université de Paris, Kyle est consultant, profil généraliste des politiques éducatives. Son intérêt pour la politique d'éducation numérique a été influencé par ses diverses expériences dans l'enseignement supérieur en tant qu'enseignant et en tant qu';

Paris, France

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