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Mustafa Hilmi Çolakoğlu user picture
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Hilmi COLAKOGLU Vice Rector at Nevsehir Hacı Bektas Veli University

Nevşehir, Turkey

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Valerie Decoux

19 hours ago
Valerie Decoux user picture
PhD Bio engineer working for a better future. Greening public spaces, planting using agroforestry, agroecology, permaculture knowledge and techniques are the way to go to a more sustainable human living.

Brussels, Belgium

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Pablo Pinkus

3 days ago
Pablo Pinkus user picture

I am a Swiss-Dutch spacial/UI designer and inventor for infrastructures, also morphological analyst, multilinguist, start-up entrepreneur, ngo chairman, tinkering craftsman, ergonomist and expedition navigator

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Meta partner d.o.o. user picture

Project inception, development, management and implementation, including inter-disciplinary consultancy services: management consulting, financial advisory services, compliance and strategy development for public and private sector. 
Complete project cycle management - from inception to development, delivery and reporting.
Funding and financing stratewgy and assessment, monitoring of project progress and risk management.
State aid compliance, grants, financial instruments, national/EU/EEA funding: programmes, projects and tenders - including cross-border cooperation programmes.
Public procurement and specific programme procurement processes.
Projects and programmes evaluation; State aid expert.
Business development, change management.
Stakeholders engagement, lobbying, representation, coordination and conciliation.
Corporate governance and Corporate Social Responsibility advisory;
Cooperation with institutions and public authorities in charge on national and EU/EGP level.
Numerous project inception and delivery references for private and public sector available upon inquiry.

Zagreb, Croatia

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