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Created 1 days ago
SEREEMA user picture
Our Objective : Optimize the Performance of your WindTurbines ! Solution : Windfit(R)  by Sereema Continuous monitoring and remote diagnostic deployable at scale. Situated between the turbines and the wind, an amazing multi-axis sensor paired with insightful online dashboards.


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Dr. Saqer S. Alja'afreh

Created 2 days ago
Dr. Saqer S. Alja'afreh user results picture
A knowledgeable professional with more than 5 years research experience in antenna designing for small portable and handheld devices for 4G, LTE, WiMAX, WLAN, GPS, GSM, UMTS, PCS, and UWB band applications with specialized expertise in the design of MIMO and diversity antennas for portable devices with hands on experience of antenna measurements in anechoic and reverberation chambers with a variety of RF test equipment. A self-motivated and passionate researcher having over 25 technical papers in leading International impact factor journals and peer-reviewed international conferences in a very short span of time with excellent oral and written communication skills. A strong theoretical background in Antenna Theory and Design, Wave Propagation, Electromagnetic Theory, RF and Microwave and Digital Communication Systems developed during PhD and post- doctorate research as well as in teaching to Areas of specialty are the following: o Antenna Design o Simulation software HFSS, CST and ADS o Antenna Miniaturization o Antennas for 4G, LTE, WiMAX, WLAN, GPS, GSM, UMTS. PCS,CDMA, and UWB o MIMO and Diversity antennas o Hands on experience of all Antenna Measurements in Anechoic Chamber and Reverberation Chamber. o Hand on experience of RF test equipment including Agilent’s and Anritsu’s Vector Network Analyzers, Agilent Vector Signal Generator and Vector Signal Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, High Frequency Digital oscilloscopes o Reconfigurable antennas o Rectenna Arrays for Power Collection o Design of Microwave Filters, Oscillators, Mixers, Power and Low-Noise Amplifier

Karak Governorate, Jordan

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Irfan Arif - European Projects Legal & Technical Expert user picture

As a European commission certified technical expert in project management I have developed and lead a range of over 45 successful national and European transnational projects, funded research, development projects  and initiatives, advising and working with partners including Non-Government Organisations, Universities and government bodies in Italy Sweden and Germany and UK as a subject matter expert in European policy, migration, refugee settlement and ERASMUS+ projects where I have made recommendations to the European social development fund regulations and regional ;

My subject matters include migration and refugee settlement, integration, social business development, social development, International project management and delivery. I have been engaged and contracted by numerous national and international organisations on short-term or long-term basis and have a network of more than 6,000 participants from the sectors of public, business and non-governmental

I am qualified European law legal practitioner admitted to the Law Society of England and Wales and sitting panel member of the International Action Team.

City of London, London, UK

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STECIA International

Created 6 days ago
STECIA International user picture

Sustainable ​​​​​Agrifood value chain consultants.

Tunis, Tunisia

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