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Morgaine Green

1 hour ago
Morgaine Green user picture
I dedicate my working life (and part of my personal one too!) to social and personal change and growth through inclusion, diversity, participation, artistic languages and creativity. I have spent the last decade discovering and developing socio-affective and non-formal methodologies, applying them in inclusive learning spaces and participatory processes at a local and international level with intercultural and diverse abilities groups in areas such as peace education, positive transformation of conflicts, inclusion, diversity, educational free time, and nonviolent direct action. An advocate for lifelong learning and ground-up collective creation of knowledge. Founder of Hélice Association - propelling creativity and diversity.

Madrid, Spain

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Frank Li

6 hours ago
Frank Li user results picture
I am a Professor at the Dept. of ICT, University of Agder. My research activities are mainly focusing on wireless networking, IoT, and beyond 5G technologies. I have experiences with both EU and Norwegian national projects and look for cooperation opportunties towards Horizon ;  

Grimstad, Norway

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Gert Kamstrup

8 days ago
Gert Kamstrup user picture

Experienced transport sector consultant, with experiences of rail and aviation sectors.

London, United Kingdom

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Ana Stoica

12 days ago
Ana Stoica user picture

My interests range from entrepreneurship to innovation and education, serving people and organisations globally via online channels.

Expert evaluator for the European Commission.

Bucharest, Romania

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