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Instytut Nafty i Gazu - Państwowy Instytut Badawczy user picture
Department of Environmental Protection Range of activities: analysis of environmental hazards related to the activities of the oil and gas industry; developing and verifying environmental technologies in the oil and gas industry; monitoring environmental quality (air, waters and soils) in areas of hydrocarbon deposit exploration and extraction and in other industrial areas; testing wastewaters (including deposit waters and process fluids) and wastes (including drilling waste, waste after hydraulic fracturing) and assessment of their potential harmfulness to the environment; waste classification comprising preparation of the basic characteristic of waste; analysis of mercury contents in environmental samples (solid and liquid), gaseous mixtures and industry materiale; inventory of methane emission from the gas exploration, extraction, storage as well as transmission and distribution sector; assessment of the amount of GHG emissions; assessment of hydrocarbon fuel quality: natural gas, coke oven gas, gases produced in industry, biogas; comprehensive analysis of biogas, including analysis of silicon, chlorine and fluorine compounds; natural gas quality monitoring in the gas distribution system; tests of waste railway sleepers, used for their classification in terms of environmental safety; preparing and updating data sheets on hazardous substances and mixtures, in accordance with the current legal regulations; sampling of water, wastewaters, soils, wastes, natural gas, biogas and other type of gaseous mixtures.

Kraków, Poland

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Created 4 days ago
Delphy user picture
Delphy stands for Worldwide Expertise for Food & Flowers. Through this, Delphy is the company in knowledge and expertise for our partners in plant sectors, worldwide. The knowledge experts of Delphy contribute to the success of our partners thus creating their own success. Ambition: Worldwide Expertise for Food & Flowers Because we want to contribute to health, food safety, sustainability and well-being for people on Earth. Delphy is optimizing the worldwide production for food & flowers through the development and implementation of knowledge and expertise. The experts at Delphy share their knowledge and expertise with our partners to achieve their objectives and improve results. Delphy stands for trust, responsibility and freedom The experts at Delphy are reliable and knowledgeable, they take responsibility in the interests of our partners and maintain freedom by the independent position accordingly. The long history of the company and the team, loyal and highly qualified experts, characterizes these values and provides security, expertise and independence to our partners.

6701 AT Wageningen, Netherlands

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Timmi Studio | Dorin Vasilescu Photography user picture

Timmi Studio is a creative portrait and commercial photo and video production studio located in Florence, Tuscany, Italy, lead by the photographer Dorin Vasilescu

50142 Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy

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Ana Barreto

Created 7 days ago
Ana Barreto user picture

Consultancy for EEA and Norway Grants funding:
- proposal writing & proofreading
- Norwegian partners matchmaking & consortium management
- project management & reporting
- dissemination of project outcomes & external communication, including event coordination




1620, Belgium

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