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NGO Green Istria

Created yesterday
NGO Green Istria user picture
Green Istria is a non-profit citizen association which is committed to the protection of the environment and natural resources, and works to build a society that upholds principles of social justice. For more than 20 years, Green Istria has actively participated in the building of a society that is sustainable in terms of democracy, solidarity, and the environment. Among our key objectives are sustainable development and environmental democracy.
  Green Istria is one of the leading environmental organizations in Croatia, speaking out on themes such as the unacceptability of planning an energy future based on fossil fuels. Green Istria also advocates for participatory forms of governance of public goods and services as opposed to their privatization, and encourages public participation in decision-making processes.
We are active in the local community with our programmes, projects and awareness campaigns. Citizens of Pula and Istria County know us for our Green Phone service and numerous campaigns related to waste reduction and recycling; healthy food and urban gardening; as well as the protection of natural resources and biodiversity.
In addition to local activities and advocacy, Green Istria is also active on the national and international levels. We have supported and led campaigns on many cross-cutting themes, for example against: the construction of the Plomin C coal power plant in northwestern Croatia; the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the Adriatic sea ( Adriatic); the privatisation of public highways (Ne damo nase autoceste / We’re not giving our highways away); etc. Recently, Green Istria has been working on the theme of equitable and sustainable development on a global level, and on the issue of building more just relations between developed and developing countries.
Green Istria is a small but passionate and experienced team of professionals that works on a variety of projects, coordinates campaigns, and supports many activists and volunteers.
  List of projects: One Adriatic, Soil4Life, New Ideas for Od Buildings, Participatory Budgeting, Civil Dialogue for a better Environment, Separate it all!, Corruption Sonar and many moe (25 EU projects realised as a lead organization or a partner)  

Ljudevita Gaja 3, 52100, Pula, Croatia

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Created 1 days ago
Gobithaasan user results picture
Gobithaasan received his undergraduate degree in Applied Science (Computer Modeling), (Mathematics) and (Computer-Aided Geometric Design) from Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2010. As a Profesor (associate) of Computational Mathematics, he has been teaching Numerical Analysis, Computer Programming Language, Geometric Modeling and Advanced Numerical Analysis courses to undergraduate students in UMT since 2009. He is both Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) and Google Online Professional Trainer. He is also a Fellow (FIMA) of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and a member of Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM). His teaching is research-led and compliments all aspects of his field of expertise. These courses have grown from strength to strength and gave him the opportunity to teach and promote research based mathematics leading undergraduates towards and ; not just within geometric modelling but towards Machine/Deep Learning (its application various fields), Topological Data Analysis, Social Network Analysis and venture into prototype development. He has delivered numerous talks worldwide, has written numerous international journal/research papers and enjoys answering curious questions pertaining to geometric modelling and its related projects. To support his research, he has received research grants from various agencies either as either a principal or co-researcher amounting to RM928k. You may download his short CV below and click on the icons below to find some of his recent works available online: 

152, T145, Kampung Batu Rakit, 21020 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia

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christina paci

Created yesterday
christina paci user results picture

Since 2000, I have competently lead :
- organization of internal systems and processes to access/manage EU Funds
- planning of EU projects and training contents 
- project and grant management compliance
- proposals and bids submissions
- multicultural diversity teams: mentoring, leadership and capacity-building 
- research in the field of European Territorial Policies, Social and Urban Issues 
- networking and outreaching linked to EU Policies

Piazzetta di Brera, 2, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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Yusuf Tokdemir

Created 4 days ago
Yusuf Tokdemir user picture

Freelance Consultant

Senior Agriculture & Agro-Food Industry Specialist/Expert

Senior Key Expert; Climate-Smart Agriculture, Agribusiness, Food Industry Development Consultant; Technical University of Munich; Considerable Practical, Educational and Multicultural Experience in CEEMENATR; Agribusiness; Food Industry; Agro-Food Value Chain Development; Food Safety & Security; SMEs & Private Sector Development; Enterprise Development; R&D; Innovation & Competitiveness; Biodiversity; Capacity Building & Training; Monitoring & Evaluation; Rural Industrialization; Policy analysis and strategy implementation; Market Research & Marketing Strategy; Factory, Laboratory, Innovation Centre and Business Startups; Machinery & Equipment; Entrepreneurship; Quality Assurance; EU Practice; Pharma Value Chain Development; Agro-Food Supply Chain Development; Experience : 34 Years;

E-mail: ; ;

M: +90533 3938268 

Beytepe Mahallesi, Misaki Milli İlkokulu, 06800 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey

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