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Global Chamber of Commerce for Portuguese Speaking Countries user picture
Nine countries, 300 million citizens, of the world's GDP. This is the reach of the community of Portuguese-speaking countries, the fifth most spoken in the world. The  Global Chamber of Commerce for Portuguese Speaking Countries (GCCP) develops its activities in and for the member countries of this community (Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial-Guinea, Mozambique, Portugal, S. Tome and Prince, East-Timor), and in regions associated with the Portuguese language, namely Macao, in China, and Goa, in India, and could represent public and private organizations in and for these countries and regions, as well as any other Portuguese-speaking community, regardless of their location.
Its objectives and areas of activity are, among others, the organization of professional events and trade missions; Business advisory services; Support in internationalization; Advice to public and private organizations and governments; Assemble groups or organizations with similar objectives and support the dialogue with official, economic, social and cultural organizations; Professional training and transfer of skills and technology.
The GCCP is a non-profit making association (ASBL, in the French acronym), headquartered in 19 Rue Aldringen, Luxembourg, and has among its founders other ASBLs, namely the Luxembourg-Brazil Business Council, the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries Exporters' Union, the Cape Verde Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg, the American Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg and the Diplomatic Council Luxembourg.

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

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Asociación de Personas con Discapacidad Intelectual NIÑOS CON AMOR user picture
The NIÑOS CON AMOR Association serves People with Intellectual Disability in adulthood. At present, the Association serves 107 people with disabilities. These people are in day centers and perform activities to improve their quality of life. In addition, work will be undertaken to implement inclusion activities, actions to promote autonomy, promote self-determination and implement full integration. In the centers, there are people from the age of 21 to 65 and therefore it is necessary to look for activities for such a wide range of ages. Therefore, we are looking for entities, partners and collaborators that encourage the exchange of people, professionals and users to improve good professional practices.  

Seville, Spain

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Transport Financing

Created yesterday
Transport Financing user picture

I focus my professional and research efforts in promoting bridges between public and private actors involved in public transport through the development of innovative solutions for sustainable transport ;

Murcia, Spain

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Dr. Guofeng Mao

Created yesterday
Dr. Guofeng Mao user picture

Vision: consulting projects with well balanced ideas, plans- and actions, results in sustainable development.

Ideas: implementing proven Energy Efficiency and Low-Carbon Technology system solutions within/from Sweden and other European countries into for instance China, other countries in Asia and Africa.

Plans- and actions: together with other partners to define and make specific plans- and actions based on principles and goals of sustainable development.

Results: can be verified with the goals of sustainable development.

Långholmsgatan 27, Stockholm, Sweden

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