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: Jul 30, 2018

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Fondazione FORMIT (FORMIT - ) is a Non-profit Corporate Body recognized by the Italian Minister for Research, established in 1985 and with consultative status granted in 2004 by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Since more than 30 years FORMIT operates with a qualified multidisciplinary team based in Rome, Naples and Brussels.
FORMIT supports, among others, National, Regional and Local Public Administrations, the European Commission, the European Committee of the Regions, the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security and the United Nations for the definition of policies and related actions in the different fields. FORMIT is structured in departments: the Research & Innovation Area (R&I), the Training and Communication Area (T&C), the Strategies & Technology Area (S&T).
From the methodological point of view, FORMIT conducts research and coopearation activities mainly carrying out projects financially supported by national and international institutions in a wide range of programmes and, within them, supports the project management, leads monitoring and quality evaluation of educational programmes, organises training activities, coordinates field activities and communication&dissemination management with concerned stakeholders.
In the capacity building area, FORMIT made use of its technical, legal and economic competencies and of its Training Centre and eLearning platform to design, implement and monitor Training courses. Additionally, since 2011 FORMIT has took the governance of the University of International Studies in Rome – UNINT () giving to it academic and research indications. This strong collaboration between these two entities allow FORMIT to have a deep knowledge on education matters at national and international level.

UNINT. The mission of the Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma (UNINT - ) is to be a benchmark in basic academic education and to be advanced in the linguistic, economic, managerial and political fields. This is achieved through a modern educational offering which also keeps abreast of advances and changes in the international context.
The UNINT educational model is based on three pillars: internationality, which is the ability to understand and address the challenges of an ever-changing world; a close connection with the labour market, which is achieved through innovative education programmes; and which is designed to respond to the demands of the global community and new professions; and the quality of university life, which features personalised attention focused on meeting student needs and a close relationship with the academic staff.
In particular, UNINT, and all of its programmes, are characterised by a highly distinctive offering in the field of language learning. Students have a choice of 8 different languages - Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese and Brazilian, Russian, and Spanish ; furthermore, the number of courses taught in English is constantly growing. To ensure regular support for the international vocation that is an integral part of the University’s mission, UNINT also continuously engages in offering exchange programmes with foreign universities and partnerships with companies and public and private institutions. Currently the University has over 800 internship and traineeship agreements across Italy and abroad, and over 80 cooperation and exchange agreements with both European and non-European universities.
UNINT also carries out higher-education activities, through a wide range of master's and postgraduate courses on translation, healthcare and journalism. There is an active School of Political Science, which organises meetings and seminars featuring key protagonists in the national political and cultural scene.
According to the latest report by the ANVUR, the Italian acronym for the National Agency for the Evaluation of University and Research Systems, the University of International Studies of Rome is ranked first nationally among small-sized universities and is ranked second among all the Italian universities in the field of linguistic and literary research (VQR 2004-2010). The University is also a member of CIUTI, acronym for the Permanent International Conference of Translators and Interpreters, a prestigious international organisation that brings together the best departments in the world in interpreter and translator training.


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