Elia De Benedictis

: Jun 6, 2021

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About Me

Elia De Benedictis, in art Deon Eimi, is a drummer from Rome class ;

''Rhythm allows your energies to work toghether, when you put them together and as long as you groove''. From early stages influenced by Jazz, Hip Hop and Electronic Music his work as a drummer follows a transversal line between the various musical genres in which he has venture to define his sound.

Between countless shows across the italic peninsula (Reset Festival 2019, Roma Brucia Festival 2019, Rock Your Head Festival 2018, Auditorium Teatro Studio etc.) and in several European venues (BadeHaus, Sofar London, FluxRadio Bergfest, Sala Matisse, Sala Clamores Madrid, among others) Elia De Benedictis is now back in studio, working on new material.

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 Music Production

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