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: Dec 3, 2017

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The Community Capodarco Rome ONLUS is part of the national network present in N. 10 Italian regions. Active since 1966 with the establishment of the first community in the Marche Region, in Rome has been operating since 1970 as part of the fight against social exclusion, which characterizes its mission. The Community's specific objective is to create a society where all people are actually free in their choices and their needs.

Community Capodarco Rome deals in social and health activities, rehabilitation, vocational training and social inclusion of vulnerable people, whether they are disabled, people with psychiatric diseases, drug addicts or minor in a state of neglect.

Specifically, the activities are carried out in three areas:

  1. Health Area
  1. Training Area
  1. Social Area

Currently the Capodarco activities involving people in rehabilitation programs, 16000 rehabilitation services, outpatient and home care, 65 disabled welcomed into family groups and housing communities, 200 young people with disabilities psycho-physical formats and started to work, 75 disabled people engaged in social laboratories, 850 children and adolescents Roma and Sinti people involved in the project of schooling, 200 drop out participating in educational programs, educational and cultural, 35 disabled people working in 6 Integrate Social Cooperatives and members of the Consortium promoted by the Community and 300 between medical social workers, employees, volunteers and young people in community service.

The community has a training school for disabled (180 students per year) and for medical social workers.

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 Social Affaires and Inclusion
 Education and Training
 Social and Welfare

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