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: Apr 13, 2022

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The Consumer Protection Agency, at the core of its work is the protection of certain consumer rights and is considered a symbol of synchronicity and cooperation between local and central government. The Consumer Protection Agency aims to increase the interaction, the effectiveness of the work for the fulfillment of the planned objectives through continuous monitoring, evaluation and control.

The vision of the Agency is at the same time the vision of the Municipality of Tirana for consumer protection, which has to do not only with monitoring, but also with the protection of the consumer right of the community of Tirana. What is intended is for consumers to be better informed and self-determined individuals, in order to possess relevant knowledge on their rights in relation to the market, the provision of public services, etc. The agency will have a good position in assessing the market situation arising from modern supervision and market transparency. By being more aware of their rights, consumers will now be able to play a more active role in denouncing relevant violations as well as being able to effectively protect themselves from serious risks and threats that they can not address as individuals.

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