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: Aug 14, 2023

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Geographic area: The new Municipality of Divjaka is bordered to the north by the municipality of Rrogozhinë, to the east with the municipality of Lushnje to the south with the Municipality of Fier and to the west by the Adriatic Sea. The capital of the new municipality will be the city of Divjaka, declared a city by government decision in 1996.Population: According to the 2011 Census, the municipality of Divjaka counts a population of 34,254, while the civil registry results in a population of 53,372 people. The territory of the new municipality is 309.58 square kilometers. Based on the census, the population density is 110 inhabitants per square kilometre while on the basis of the civil registry the density is 172.40 inhabitants/km2.This municipality consists of 5 administrative units, which are: Divjakë, Trbuf, Grabjan, Gradisht and Remas.All administrative units are currently part of the District of The Arber and Fier district. The new municipality has under its administration a city and 36 villages.

The municipality of Divjake is well-recognised for its productive activism in the agriculture sector. The climate and terreligious advantages not only guarantee an important added value for growers, but creates intersection with the quality of the land and with the agricultural tradition, which also offers a high yield.Businesses operating in this area are mainly oriented towards agriculture and livestock sector, where from the data of the 2011 Census it is showing that about 79% of the active population is employment in the agricultural sector and only 21% is hired by the Sector of Industry and Services (INSTAT).

The new municipality has the main economic activity of agriculture and to a lesser extent fishing in the Karavasta lagoon. The main agricultural product is bostanores, which are sold on the domestic market as well as exported to many central and eastern European countries. Divjaka has good prospects for the development of marine tourism as well as ecotourism.

Revenue: About 70% of Divjake's banners are taken by farmers, while the rest with tourism, business and a small percentage of citizens work in public institutions. Investment in the country has proved successful for the overwhelming share of citizens, who have brought pleasant incomes and increased the level of living.The municipality has prepared a range of economic policies to help young people and marginalized groups. Currently, a series of policies and pilot programs have been developed in cooperation with other organizations and various donors: projects in the field of capacity building, environmental protection, promotion of traditions. Cultural heritage, traditional products, tourist destinations.In the Municipality of Divjake you can now find the Dedicated Office of the European Union. It was enabled as a result of the Cooperation Agreement signed on 05.12.2016 between the Ministry of European Integration, the Ministry of Local Affairs, the Association of Municipalities of Albania and the Association for Local Autonomy and aims to strengthen the capacities of municipalities on EU issues and to spread to Albanian citizens and local administration of the Municipalities of Albania.

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