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: Jul 3, 2023

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Youth Rights and Citizenship Initiative (YRCI-Albania), is an Albanian Youth NGO established in January 2023. We are a non-commercial, non-governmental, organization which scope mainly covers (but is not limited to) raising public awareness and knowledge on activism, by providing training opportunities, awareness raising activities, competitions, by writing and implementing projects, as well as advocating on youth rights and awareness. We are aiming at enlarging and strengthening the pool of young people, who are part of our network, as well as approaching to more youngsters, not only locally but nationally and internationally, on the basis of multiculturalism, experience sharing, peacebuilding, and capacity raising through a special emphasis on soft skills and VET.
Our objectives also involve:
To prepare and inspire the new generation of youth on the commitment and empowerment for a sustainable future in the service of humanity through cooperation, educational and cultural exchange, advocacy and volunteering in an atmosphere of equality and shared values, cooperation and mutual understanding; 
To prepare and develop youth and citizens to appreciate and acquire the values of creativity, innovation, work, service and appreciation of the environment, gender equality and a wide constellation of social, economic or cultural topics, also prioritizing the proper use of technology; 
To develop cooperative partnership programs with other organizations and non-governmental organizations for the highest interest of projects, initiatives, activities and target-groups defined or inclusive. 
Our scope of work and 3 upcoming years strategy revolves around the following pillars:
- Raise awareness and consciousness in society about young people and the community in general by organizing meetings, seminars, conferences, television programs, etc;
- Increasing the visibility of citizen/youth activation;
- Training those who are interested in the subjects designated for the respective periods and projects through occasional activities and seminars so that they can be qualified and serve as trainers for others;
- Encourage the creation of facilities for capacity building, activism, advocacy, and skills development, especially for young people, but also in the community;
- To build partnership relationships with domestic and foreign non-profit organizations. To share experiences and projects;
- Fundraising from various donors at home and abroad through applications and proposals.

Recently we have applied in several project and we have made several partnership.

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