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: Jan 3, 2024

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Build Green Group is a non-profit organization, established on 07.11.2017, in Tirana, Albania. BG Group started as an environment movement in 2015 and has since evolved into a Tirana based international expert organization providing services to its partners around the world (Western Balkans, Scandinavia & Germany, Spain & Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa). The purpose of the organization is to provide Research and Development studies in different fields, as well as research and implementation of short, medium and long-term sustainable development projects to various entities, including both domestic and foreign private and public bodies. Our core service areas as an organization are: 1) Research & Development, 2) Environmental Innovation Research Services, 3) Project Management, 4) Trainings & Workshops. Scientific research is the base service that Build Green offers, from academic to every range and every field, such as economics, social sciences, psychology, environment etc. We aim to became soon an institution for academic research. The field of expertise of this organization is also project writing and management. Starting from the development and design of the project, up to its implementation and monitoring phase. For each project we undertake, we strive to provide high-tech caliber technical staff from a large field of expertise’s (also custom oriented based on the projects), a new conceptual design and effective project solutions. Build Green Group has been engaged in various training, consulting, and projects, providing sustainable ideas to improve the environment through community activism, and has been constantly involved in creating different methodologies and policies for its involvement. We seek to stay close to the community by advising them by helping them by raising awareness of the environment, but above all, to give them the opportunity and the tools to express their needs and demands and above all to have the means to reach them. Build Green Group also operates in the field of exchange of ideas and cultures, getting the best out of all those who are willing to contribute through innovative ideas to accomplish its mission, making sure that a country goes through a sustainable development and a green economy, in line with European standards.

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