Erald Buzi

 Enterprise and Industry

: Mar 4, 2019

About Me

SME support, Entrepreneurship Development

Living in between Milan, Tirana and Chicago.
• Thrives on driving targets, a passion for discovering opportunities, a strong will to win, enjoys leading teams and achieving results through people management.
• Always ensures best practice and consistency across all business operations and is more than able to work accurately under pressure and to manage conflicting demands. Enthusiastic when pushing for change.
• Develop a marketing plan to reach new customers, increase sales to existing customers, marketing tools and product launching.
• Distribution analysis, B2B sales, Closing techniques, Competitor analysis, Team player, Multiple projects, Effective problem solver, Customer focused, Calm and determined under pressure, Discovering opportunities, Strategic, cold calling, lead generation.

Fields of Expertise:

 Start Up
 European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
 Partnership Management
 International Project Management
 Business Development
 Financial analysis

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