Barbara Di Pietro

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: Mar 3, 2017

About Me

Graduated in Economics of Tourism in 2005 with a experimenting research on the Specialisation in Tourism Activities for the LDCs and the effect on poverty and inequality of income. During my experience abroad, I worked in a specialised responsible tour operator in London for 5 years as operational coordinator of active travel experiences in Europe (walking, cross-country skiing and cycling) and in the South East Asia.
From 2010 I am planning, managing and coordinating EU funded projects mainly Erasmus+, Creative Europe, COSME and Cooperation to Development. Since then, I have been working in 8 EU funded projects, as project manager or/and researcher/trainer on Global Citizenship, Digital Storytelling and polyvocal theatre, organising and leading workshops and actions at community level. I am also trainer of "EU project design and management" courses.

Fields of Expertise:

 Sustainable Development
 Sustainable Tourism
 Lifelong Learning
 Creative Europe
 Project Development
 Project Management
 Technical Writing

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