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: Sep 7, 2018

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Budapest Metropolitan University is the largest state-recognized, privately owned higher education institution in Hungary, with around 8 000 students, 125 teachers/professors and 149 non-teaching staff. It has 4 campuses in Budapest and one in Hódmezővásárhely. All of the educational buildings are fully equipped with modern teaching facilities. It has a wide range of bachelor and master studies in business, marketing, arts, media, communication and tourism fields.

METU has international students from more than 70 countries from all over the world thanks to the large selection of degree programs offered fully in English. Degrees are internationally recognized and highly acclaimed by the business world. Renowned academics, top business professionals are also recruited to the lecturing team.

The art of creative education is the core value of the university. Creativity is the force organizing everyday life at the University paving the way to the future success of our students. METU offers a stimulating environment and a unique atmosphere that motivate our students to make use of a wide range of unparalleled opportunities and apply their knowledge in practice looking for new, innovative solutions. The other fundamental value at METU lies in the practical nature of the university’s programs transmitting theoretical knowledge with a view to its potential ways of application and hands-on experience. Because of that, foster the entrepreneurial attitude is part of METU’s DNA.

Over the past years METU has participated in several national and international research and implemented a number of R & D projects in cooperation with other HEI-s, research centres and organisations.
The main aim of the projects implemented by METU was to strengthen and develop the skills and competences of students required by the modern era and the economic and social environment such as creativity, creative thinking, problem-solving, use of digital assets and ICT skills, team-working and project-based approach, etc.


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