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: Jun 6, 2016

About Me

§   Development Project Management : Needs Analysis & Macro / Meso-economic Prioritisation, National & Sectorial Strategy, Organisation & Institutional Reform, Change Management, Project & Methodology Design, Identification, Formulation, LogFrame, TORs, PCM (Identification Fiche & Action Document), Budget Support, Blending, FwC, PPPs, Innovative Development Instruments (IDIs),

§   Macro-economic studies : Economic Feasibility studies, Cost-Benefit analysis, Sectorial or general analysis and policy recommendations, Comparative / Regional Study, Econometrics research, Opportunities & constraints identification and quantification, sectoral Action Plans, Strategy implementation (Organisational design, Governance, Change Management),

§   Monitoring & Evaluation : Methodology design, Impact assessment, Statistical study, Management / Technical / Governance audits, M&E systems design, Field / web surveys and impact evaluation, Methodology, Quantitative Analysis, M&E systems design, Dissemination of analysis results, ROM.

Fields of Expertise:

 Development and Cooperation
 European Union
 Project Development
 International Relations
 Business Management
 International Project Management

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