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: Nov 23, 2016

About Me

Fintech (Crowd Equity, Crowdlending, P2P Lending, Asset Management , Venture Capital , Business Angels Lists), each approaches and executes its specific governance, risk and compliance policies and processes.

While curation, ethics, governance, risk and compliance are longstanding crowdfunding industry issues, the Investor Relationship Management (IRM)  / Crowdfunding Risk-Management (CRM like with the Data Ledger Technologies, DLT) Software” category is a to be a new categorization of technology and IRM / CRM will become increasingly relevant as Crowd Equity Funding, Crowd Lending / Crowdsourcing / Open Innovation platforms will attempt to manage corporate governance and risk issues – including those related to regulatory compliance – on a cross-functional basis.

Since the software dimension is fairly new, it remains a challenge for most Fintech / Crowd Economy companies to determine how to efficiently implement these applications.

Fields of Expertise:

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 International Project Management

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