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: Nov 25, 2020

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We are a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization, focused on local, regional economic and socially inclusive development. We perceive the overall growth as an important requirement for shared prosperity. Inclusive growth is achieved by growth that is sustained over decades, is broad-based across economic sectors, creates productive employment opportunities for a great majority of the country’s working age population, and reduces poverty. Inclusive growth is about both the pace and pattern of economic growth. Developing the art of thinking on the issues of growth shies away the prepackaged answers to the economy’s and political concerns and develops a new development trajectory, which responds to the country’s development challenges, as well as its needs.

Rethink and reprioritize under the lenses of sustained and inclusive growth is the methodology under SIG offers its implementable solutions.

We use our studies and research to influence government policies, business strategies, and civil society behaviour and actions. We work with partners to determine the radical change in performance. We make sure that our results are visible and long-lasting.

The Foundation areas of expertise:

  • Regional Integration and Development focusing on:
  • research and analysis on issues related to regional integration policies, with the purpose of generating the data needed to formulate and implement effective policies.
  • provide and develop dialogue forums and dialogue on the challenges of regional integration and co-operation
  • provide consultancy and advice to all stakeholders at national and regional level on issues and challenges of regional integration.
  • provide technical assistance to promote and accelerate regional integration.
  • act as an information center and documentation related to regional integration.
  • Institutional and human capacities focusing on:
  • institutional capacity building (training, workshop, forums)
  • drafting the legal framework necessary for the implementation of economic reforms.
  • assistance to Institutions and Interest Groups in the Implementation of Free Trade Agreements of Services Products, and ;
  • implement policies that mainly support regional economic integration, such as competition, monetary and fiscal policy, financial regulation and investment, tax regimes.
  • Private sector support sustainable development materialized through private sector initiatives focusing on:
  • raise awareness of the business community to face the challenges of integration into a single market such as increased competition and the reduction of protectionism for the domestic ;
  • establishing business intelligence units at national and regional level, which also provide information about the changes and business ;
  • support the private sector to get involved in the process of negotiating regional agreements.
  • Promotion and Development of Tourism (Cultural and Adventure tourism) focusing on:
  • smart management and Innovation
  • capacity building on national and international legal framework of Tourism
  • developing innovative cultural and creative products
  • development of digital tools: App Platform and VR Tour 360 degree application
  • mapping of a bookable touristic package and guides
  • Social Inclusion
  • consultations with all relevant government and non-government partners
  • coordinate training of home-based worker/self-employed wo
  • men on entrepreneurial skills
  • Promotion innovation provided through sharing best experiences in provision of qualitative, integrated and taylored social support services based on
  • Identification of needs, focusing especially on the home care service model and young professional’s active engagement.
  • Youth Mobility 
  • mobility and facilitating youth inclusion and participation in voluntary activities
  • empowerment of youth through capacity building and raise awareness
  • non-formal education and learning

We are located in Tirana and our team is composed by a group of well-known experts with long experience in these priorities and will assist governmental, non-governmental, multilateral institutions, the private sector in addressing the needs and challenges associated with the country's economic and social development.


Keywords and matching areas:

 Sustainable Development
 IT Applications
 Innovation & Research
 Sustainable Tourism
 Creative Industries
 Cultural heritage
 Trade Law

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