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: Aug 23, 2018

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Albnatura organization is located in Republic of Albania ,Region of Elbasan.


To give all citizens  the opportunity to realize their  personal and community rights  by addressing their interests through coordination , counseling and support in general of the interests of membership by concluding agreements  with its members and with the high -quality , countinous  and intergrative  services  accesible by anyone (regardless of  gender ,religion ,political affiliation ,orientation ,status and social position)) to have equal access advocacy and lobbying for the use  of environmental ,conservation and development programs  of natural ecosystems with a view to improving the social -economic life of people , health ,education .


To promote the development of environment  of natural resources ,forests ,water  ,soil and air through the education of all population inclusion in the development of values and principles of sustainable development at all levels  ,through the discloure of commitment to the prespective of its mission , to cooperate  promoted to work with other governmental and non-governmental actors  ,donors of the country and abroad , loving investors and communities for the protection ,promotion and improvement  of the rights  and freedoms of its members ,in promoting equal access to information aand services to the people in the sectors that are at work and to promote the importance og women and youth participation in the use of educational programs and activities .

Goals and Strategies 

  • Strengthening and supporting the voice of civil society in environemtal protection and sustainable development of the country ,becomin a factor in environmental decision-making processes its health effect by promoting the role of youth and women in society.
  • Drafting and implementation of various projects based on their goals and objectives ,respecting the prenciples of sustainable development and of friendly /positive impact on the environment and society.
  • Provided of training and advice on quality enhancement and expansion of other local asociations (its members ) in line with its mission ,with the aim of strengthening and integrating them into society.
  • Collection of information on the environment through research ,investigation ,studies ,monitoring ,generalizations and  publications, with soft project and expected experience  in cooperation with donors.

The project implemented during the last three years.

  1. Forest for local Economic Development   funde by CNVP in value  30 400 euro
  2. Strengthening Sustainable Managemend  of Communal Forest and Pasture fundet by SNV in value  18 400 euro
  3. Protection of Shkumbin  from uban waste funded by European Union  in value of 22 000 euro

Keywords and matching areas:

 Natural Resources
 Waste Management
 Sustainable Development
 Environmental protection
 Sustainable Tourism
 EU Strategy Adriatic-Ionian Region
 Europe for Citizens

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