Positiva Milano

: Mar 8, 2018

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About Me

Positiva Milano is a No profit organization for youth mobility, sustainable development and active citizenship promotion which makes use of Erasmus+ fund of European Union as an instrument to support youth growth. It implements primarily strategic partnerships within Erasmus+. The meeting of different cultures can only enrich the involved sides. The youngsters who took part in the Erasmus+ program can implement the knowledge they gained once back in their country, bringing benefits to their own local community.

Positiva Milano is an apolitical and non-profit association. The Association works with public and private entities, either Italian and European.

Check our photographic project #EyesFromEurope: ;album_id=399010850513285

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 Sustainable Development
 European Voluntary Services
 Creative Europe
 Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme
 European Union
 Partnership Management

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