: Oct 19, 2022

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Fincode is an innovative startup expert in the development and in the production of innovative products and services with high technological value. In particular, the institution is an expert in the design and implementation of projects related to blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. The institution develops digital transformation plans, aimed at promoting the transition to digital education and training, through the creation of digital content and the experimental development of tools aimed at supporting challenges in different areas, such as teaching, health, justice, environmental protection ...The enterprise can help SME and entrepreneurs to take their projects to the next level.

The enterprise also supported the promotion and the implementation of different projects, promoting important issues, above all those related to the technological and digital transformation. The products and the services offered are aimed at promoting solutions to the most important issues of this historical hera, such us the environment, the data protection, the social inclusion… Its goal is to contribute to a Europe with stronger sustainable start-ups and entrepreneurs among young people, young adults, and those groups with more difficulties or in risk of exclusion (school drop-outs, migrants, women...).

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 Digital Society

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