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: Sep 1, 2017

About Me

People come to us with great ideas – essentially their dreams and ambitions – and ask for help. Typically, they must be very careful with their finances and are vulnerable to stepping off in the wrong direction. In such cases and if their idea is really good, we sign a confidentiality agreement and get to work. Characteristics of strategic innovation partnering include:

    • an innovation strategy across time, technology development stage levels and various potential funding instruments
    • a framework and process for the identification and management of IP
    • connecting strategic clients to R2M’s growing network of over 600 potential partners across Europe for collaborative research
    • flexible payment options that might be upfront, success driven, a combination of both or related to result exploitation

For several of our earliest strategic clients, we are now their resellers in our various branch market areas (Italy, UK, Spain and France).

Fields of Expertise:

 Manufacturing 2.0

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