Yahya Shaker

: Mar 26, 2021

About Me

I am a self-employed Spatial Planning & Territorial Politics, Environmental and Urban Policy professional freelancer, registered with [VAT] in Milano, Italy -  and [VIES] European Commission.

My Activities are:

Urban Planning, Policies and Environmental Consultancy:
- Regulation of the activities of the bodies responsible for the management of projects for housing and land use and for environmental protection
- administration of drinking water supply programs
- administration of waste collection and disposal programs
- administration of environmental protection programs
- administration of housing policies.


Recently, I have been collaborating on a wide range of different policy and planning projects in different European cities, and I am open to joining forces with new partners in the field of Urban Development and Policy Design.

Fields of Expertise:

 Urban Development
 Regional Policy
 Urban transport
 Higher Education
 Cohesion Policy
 EU Macro-Regional strategies
 Interregional cooperation
 Policy Evaluation and Governance
 Territorial Cooperation

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