Librazhd Municipality

: Jul 20, 2018

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Librazhd Municipality is in the middle-east of Albania. It has an area of 793 km2 out of which more than 50% is a rural area, with main economic development agriculture and livestock. The center of the municipality is Librazhd town. There is the National Park " Shebenik-Jabllanice" that covers more than 25% of the area. The main touristic options are hicking,camping and ;

We are currently working on projects regarding infrastructure, youth and social services. We have applied to IPA CBC Albania-FYROM, BalkanMED and ADRION calls.

The calls that we are following are all the EU calls that have Albania as an eligible country to apply ;

Librazhd Municipality has a positive cooperation with central government, private organisations and international ;

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 Cross-border cooperation
 Europe for Citizens

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