: Mar 22, 2016

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Interfusion’s continual goal is providing a rigorous knowledge base and vision for new solutions, policies and inspiration in order to adequately address contemporary challenges within EU Societies. By doing so, we strive to promote social change, sustainability and innovation within our respective fields of interest.

Interfusion employs experts at all three of its interdisciplinary departments. All of them can demonstrate considerable experience in managing and coordinating research funded projects at both a National and a European level.

Our main goal is to actively contribute and explore links between the core areas of Socio Humanities, Environmental Studies and horizontal ICT fields like e-learning, e-government and e-inclusion, while keeping in tune with regional, national and international developments. Furthermore, we aim to diffuse the research findings of socially and culturally related sciences in Cyprus to the international academia and open a dialog with the rest of the EU Members States.

The ongoing collaboration with some of the most notable and prestigious Institutes in the island enables our team to contribute vastly in advancing knowledge and innovation through high quality and independent research that is fully engaged ( co‐ produced) with policy and practitioner communities in Cyprus. As a result, we ensure the maximum impact of new knowledge on policy and practice, reaching out to all potential sources of and audiences for new knowledge; developing capacity, in terms of people, data and methods, for future research and knowledge exchange on broader innovation.

Interfusions’ active departments constantly engage in various projects and initiatives of interdisciplinary research and make significant contributions in the areas such as New modes of innovation; Innovation in services; the links between innovation, human capital, intellectual capital and business performance, etc.

Looking ahead, as part of Interfusion’s Vision is to carry out a specific programme of engagement with policy and practice communities and make significant contributions in various ; Some of the most notable are developing a dynamic and novel forum for stakeholder engagement; working closely with policy and practitioner communities in Cyprus; drawing together research and other kinds of knowledge and strengthening the evidence base for broader innovation policy and practice.

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