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: Jul 12, 2023

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Cyprus Youth Clubs Organization (Greek acronym: KOKEN) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to fostering the growth and empowerment of young people in Cyprus. As the coordinating body of 75 youth clubs across the country, KOKEN represents 5000 members from urban and rural areas. Its primary aim is to improve the quality of life for young individuals (13-35) from diverse backgrounds through participation in regional, national, and international activities focused on upskilling and reskilling their competencies.

KOKEN focuses on promoting social inclusion and equal educational opportunities for all young people, including those facing financial difficulties, social isolation, or physical and mental health challenges, and is a member of the Youth Board of Cyprus's counselling body and an active member of the Cyprus Youth Council. KOKEN offers programs and activities centred on culture, non-formal education, sports, European Initiatives, human inclusion, human rights, the environment, and volunteerism.

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