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: Mar 7, 2024

About Me

The Aristotle Research Centre is a non-profit, independent research and development organisation based in Cyprus, dedicated to fostering cutting-edge advancements in technology, engineering, life sciences, social sciences, and humanities. At the heart of the research centre is a diverse and talented community of researchers, scientists, and academics from various disciplines, working together to address pressing challenges and contribute to human knowledge. Committed to providing high-quality services for the benefit of society, the centre collaborates with various organisations to tackle both local and global challenges. Its vision is to become a leading research institute in the fields of education, sustainable development, social justice, and technology-driven solutions. The core values of the Aristotle Research Centre emphasise the importance of systemic, systematic, and sustainable approaches, as well as agility, collaboration, and integrity in all endeavours. The centre offers a robust support system, including access to mentorship, funding opportunities, and networking events, ensuring that researchers can fully realise their potential and bring their ideas to fruition.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Young Farmers
 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Low-Carbon Technology
 Energy Efficiency
 Education and Training
 Creative Europe
 Artificial Intelligence

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