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: Apr 4, 2023

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About Me

MD BRAINNOVATION is a S.M. Private Company providing highly skilled consulting services and developing state-of-the-art technology solutions for public and

private entities. The main goal of the company is to support their clients’ efforts to transform their business, into competitive forces in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


Main activities

The main activities of MD BRAINNOVATION are focused on:

- Compliance with brand new EU legal Frameworks. Expertise in compliance with Personal Data Protection Legal Framework (Regulation 680/2016-GDPR, Directive 679/2016 etc.,)

and the implementation of pertinent technical and organizational measures to execute appropriate data protection principles.

- Consultation and Specialized Legal Advice on issues related to the digital market, intellectual property, e-commerce, big data analysis, cloud services and blockchain technology, Energy, Green Economy;

- Technological Solutions and Individual Consultation on the digitization of existing processes (for public and private entities);

- Leading Knowledge Capacity and Engagement in national projects for the digitization of the Greek social and economic sectors;

- Participation in scientific committees for Artificial Intelligence in Juridical System.

- Implementation and Expert Consultancy in European and International projects(HORIZON, ERASMUS+);

- Educational activities at local, European and international level; 

- Exchange of good practices among professionals in different areas. 

- Technological innovation and research in the educational field; 

- Raising awareness and advocacy activities. 


The main topics we address are the following:

● Data Protection Legal Framework

●GDPR compliance

● Ethics

● Digital skills, upskilling, entrepreneurship and lifelong learning

● Sustainability and Innovation

● Digital market and e-commerce

● Intellectual property

● Big data analysis

● AI technology

● Whistleblower protection

● Cloud services and blockchain technology

● Energy and Green Economy.

● Art, Culture and Creativity with a special focus on Literature 

● Migration, Refugee, inclusion and diversity

● Local development and social inclusion 

● Human rights Education and raising awareness, advocacy and anti-discrimination 

● Capacity building of third sector organisations, educational institutes and public sector 



MD BRAINNOVATION is committed to excellence and providing the highest standards of quality of service. Therefore, the staff body is composed of a diverse set of  professional experts with different competences in several sectors such as AI technology, GDPR compliance, digitalization, law, data protection, ethics, big data analysis, intellectual property, inclusion and migration, social and cultural mediation, and international cooperation. Besides the permanent staff, MD BRAINNOVATION also cooperates with a wide network of experts in the fields of AI technology, law, and medicine. The company has the operational capacity to implement a wide array of project activities, share the necessary expertise to the successful development of the project, and the local partners necessary for implementation, dissemination, exploitation and sustainability.

Keywords and matching areas:

 International Cooperation
 Digital Agenda for Europe
 Digital Economy
 Cross-border cooperation
 Intellectual Property Law
 Artificial Intelligence

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