Ouranio Anastasiou Ph.D.

: Apr 9, 2024

About Me

Hey, I am Dr.Ourania Anastasiou and I have been working as a project manager and as a grant writer for quite some time now.

My roles up to this point involved managing, implementing, and securing projects funded by various EU programs, including Erasmus+, Horizon Europe, Creative Europe, EU4Health and Digital Europe, among others.

My focus lies in healthcare, entrepreneurship, innovation, and in digital and ICT skills.

I previously held the position of Project Manager for Orphanet in Cyprus and represented the country in a pan-European consortium. During my studies, I gained experience in project implementation, funding, development, and management from the Research and Innovation Foundation of Cyprus and other European funding bodies, as well as in student training. Following my studies, I was appointed as Project Director for Cyprus in the European Reference Network (ERN) GENTURIS, collaborating with major research institutions across Europe.

Fields of Expertise:

 Enterprise and Industry
 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Start Up
 Lifelong Learning
 Arts Education
 Creative Industries
 Cultural heritage

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