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: Jul 12, 2020

About Me

GrantXpert Consulting is a Cypriot-based SME, with extensive expertise in providing training and consulting services to local organisations for European and nationally funded programmes, in implementing research work on entrepreneurship education and in the development of innovative educational programmes in relevant areas. The company was formed in 2009, following the obtainment of a start-up grant by the nationally programme “New women entrepreneurs”. Since then the company has helped a large number of Cypriot (private and public) companies, non-profit organisations, research and academic organisations and Municipalities to receive funding from European and national programmes. The funding obtained by these organisations assists in increasing their competitiveness, growing further, engaging in research projects, implementing innovative practices, enhancing their personnel's qualifications and skills and hiring new employees. In the past 10 years GrantXpert has helped a number of Cypriot organisations to receive more than 20 million EUR from funded programmes. GrantXpert currently employs 8 people, with different research expertise and with more than 10 years of working experience in EU-funding projects and on the development of educational programmes. GrantXpert has developed research expertise in the following areas: • Entrepreneurship education for students and researchers • Development of employability skills • Development of leadership skills • Development of educational programmes in entrepreneurship • Development of teacher’s skills related to Positive Psychology, Educational Psychology and Character development. • Development of innovation and creativity skills for university students, • Development of knowledge alliances between academia and industry • Enhancement of women and youth entrepreneurship, • Growth of SMEs’ competitiveness. Among other operational tasks, GrantXpert organises training events for unemployment opportunities in which more than 400 university graduates and 16 industry sectors participate, and it organizes training workshops with the Cyprus Youth Organisation on leadership and entrepreneurial skills across Cyprus.



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 Enterprise and Industry
 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Start Up
 Education and Training

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