Vlasios Goulas

: Dec 15, 2022

About Me

Vlasios Goulas is an Assistant Professor in Natural Products Analysis and Processing at the Department of Agricultural Sciences, Biotechnology and Food Science (ABF). He holds a bachelor's degree in Chemistry from the University of Ioannina and has a PhD in Natural Products Analysis from the same Academic Institution. He also worked for 2 years as post-doc research fellow and 8 years as Special Teaching Staff at ABF. Dr Goulas performs profound research in the field of natural products and foods of plant origin. His main research interests include:

  • elucidation of the bioactive composition of natural products and foods of plant origin
  • discovering new bioactive compounds and/or extracts for food industry and pharmaceutics
  • the impact of processing on stability of bioactive compounds and bioactivity in natural products and foods of plant origin

An array of advanced chromatographic, spectroscopic and physicochemical methods has been developed/modified to achieve our research objectives. Furthermore, in vitro and in silico methods are used for the assessment of antioxidant, antimicrobial and antidiabetic activity of natural products and foods of plant origin.

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