: Aug 21, 2018

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Good vision is key to leading healthy, productive lives. It is the foundation for communities to prosper and contribute to global development. For nearly 170 years, Essilor’s mission has been to improve lives by improving sight. Our sole focus is to help each of the ;billion people in the world enjoy the best vision possible throughout their lives by providing solutions which correct and protect their vision. It is why we continue to invest in consumer-centric research and development and to expand our reach to new regions and countries. Because we believe everyone in the world has the right to good vision. The Group’s 67,000 employees are outstanding ambassadors of this mission. Thanks to their expertise, ideas, and ongoing commitment to innovation and partnership, we continue to advance in bringing good sight to everyone, everywhere

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 Digital Agenda for Europe
 Digital Economy
 Nanotechnology and Nanosciences
 Open Source
 Internet of Things (IoT)
 Clinical trials

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