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: Apr 18, 2022

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Eria Textiles is a clothing producer, in both the apparels and professional garments industry. We are running our activity in the former National Albanian Factory of Garments of the city of Elbasan, privately owned from 2014, with an experience of more than 30 years before being privately owned and almost 40 years overall. Elbasan is the city with the highest tradition of garment manufacturing in the country.

Eria Textiles is a reference in the city, not only because is the biggest company of the sector, but also because of the high quality and social standards we apply. We are SMETA and ICS audited.

The facilities of our company were completely renovated and the machines park completely renewed. The factory is privately owned at 100% and is located in the city center, 300 meters away from Elbasan Arena, the international stadium of the city.

We offer a full price production service PCMT (procurement, cutting, making, trimming), as well as a CMT production service (cutting, making, trimming), or simply a CM production service (cutting, making). We cover every aspect of the production and export, from the purchase of raw materials, to sampling, cutting, sewing, packing, transport etc. Our exports extend to many countries, such as United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Austria, Poland, Spain, Israel, etc.

Our company works under 2 completely separated divisions for both fashion and professional clothing. Our production is totally dedicated for exports and international garment supplying. There is a very large range of products that we carefully produce at our company, such as trousers, dresses, shirts, jackets, coats, sportswear for our fashion division, as well as firefighter, police and army uniforms, or extreme weather jackets, trousers, salopettes and coveralls for our professional manufacturing division. This large range of products makes us an absolute leader in the country not only in terms of variety, but also in terms of complexity of products we're making. Our young and dedicated staff, with clear distinction of responsibilities is taking care for every process in the company. Our aim is to keep the good sewing tradition, adjusting it with the modern requirements. We try hard every day to keep the focus on the needs of our clients, carefully monitoring and following every process.

98% of our staff is composed from women, working for years at our company, making us one of the top companies in the country in terms of women hiring ratio.

We’re one of the very few clothing producers in the country, who is both an apparel, as well as a workwear and safety clothes manufacturer and supplying company.

Some of our most well known production was for the following clients:

1. Zara (the top fashion company worldwide)

2. Marella (Max Mara Group)

3. FlexiTog (European Leader of extreme weather clothing)

4. Polish Police Department for various type of Polish Police uniforms

5. Polish Army for pilot suits


Our aim is to realise a solar panel investment, in order to make the energy we use in the company 100% sustainable, as well as realising biodegradable products inside our company.

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 Energy Efficiency
 Natural Resources

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