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: May 19, 2017

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The Associazione Nuovi Linguaggi is a non-profit organization that deals with adult education, vocational and educational training and European design, as well as artistic-literary and theatrical creations.

In more than ten years, Associazione Nuovi Linguaggi ​​has trained a large number of young people to the performing arts. Some of them continued their education later in prestigious schools and academies coming to be used by professional companies before returning to the association ​​as teachers bringing as a dowry their experiences and making it a subject of study for new students.

The vocation of Associazione Nuovi Linguaggi, as well as to target training to the performing arts in general, has always been strained to the education of new generations and for this the association has always worked with the schools through courses with experts and professionals with the belief that the theater has, in addition to artistic one, an extraordinary social and educational value. Associazione Nuovi Linguaggi ​​opened and operates in Loreto, in the province of Ancona (I), a space dedicated to the teaching of the arts, theater and film, in which organizes courses aimed at both children/young people of school age and young people/adults interested to play a career in the theater world.

Although focused in the cultural sector, ANL organizes courses in various fields and sectors having statutory purpose of combating unemployment: culture, theater, marketing, ITC, gastronomy, languages.

The Association is accredited to the VET system of the Marche Region; consequently, the Association has a Quality System for vocational training and adult education structured in various operating procedures to be followed in the life cycle of a project from design to reporting and to the exploitation and dissemination of results.

Particular attention is paid to disadvantaged groups with particular regard to people with disabilities and migrants. To this end ANL signed a protocol of understanding with the Association "The Lume" located in Treia (I) and specialized in providing support to these categories.

Regionally ANL ​​has created its own network of relationships by signing memoranda of understanding with relevant institutions, in addition to the aforementioned area of ​​disadvantage, representing the economic and social world, higher education and university education, the employment services.

In detail, protocols were signed with:

- Urbino University

- Industry association Confindustria

- Poliexport Consortium

- UGL Trade union

- Institute of Higher Education "Einstein-Nebbia"

- Job Center of Macerata.


Along with 7 cultural organizations of the Marche region and under the auspices of the Municipality of Loreto, in 2016 ANL has legally established a federation of associations called "Loreto United Theatres ". That federation is aimed at the management of the Loreto Municipal Theatre (350 seats), the production of shows, as well as the programming of educational and outreach activities in collaboration with the Municipality itself, schools and other cultural and educational institutions of the territory.

Cultural production, education of youth and adults and professional training are areas in which ANL also work at the supranational level.

On the European scale, as a follow-up of projects related to EU programs, the association has developed in recent years a wide network of partnerships in Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Romania and Latvia, countries in which over the last five years has organized directly or in partnership with other agencies, 9 LLP Grundtvig projects, 4 mobility projects Erasmus+ EDA and the Erasmus+ KA2 EDA project “TELL ME” whose leader applicant is the Nuovo Comitato il Nobel per I Disabili founded by Dario Fo, the Nobel Prize for Literature 1997.

ANL is also a member of the Anna Lindh Foundation, a foundation with national networks throughout the Euro-Mediterranean area whose purpose is intercultural dialogue.

Activities and experience of ANL.

- Supporting Education for a better integration of disadvantaged groups, young people and the unemployed, with special support to women's needs;

 - Vocational and Educational Training and European funding programs of all kinds;

 - Adult education and services for learning in all its forms;

 - Organization of education and/or training for the acquisition of skills required by the provincial, regional, national, European training programs;

 - Promotion and organization of cultural and recreational activities in order to make better use of free time for young people, adults and the elderly.

As part of the management of European projects ANL ​​ has matured over the past eight years several experiences collaborating, among other things, to the design and implementation of the following Grundtvig Workshops.

1) 2009 2) 2010. Two editions of the Workshop - Training Courses for Actors, organized by Data Service.

3) 2011, Metalinguagens teatrais: desde o século XVI ao século XXI na Europa com Ruzante organized in Tavira (P) by ACTA - A Companhia de Teatro do Algarve.

4) 2012, "Commedia dell'Arte" and the Monologue Theatre, organized in Cluj-Napoca (RO) by Improwise.

5) 2012, "Ethnobotany: Herbs, Environment, Human", organized in Riga (LV) by biedriba NVO "Ozols"

6) 2013, "Matheater - Performing and Playing in Adult Mathematical Literacy", organized in Alpignano (I) by Fabula Rasa.

In October 2013 ANL managed the Grundtvig Workshop "Theater as a tool for relationship in the literacy of Adults".

In the 2013-2014 period Nuovi Linguaggi managed the Senior Volunteering "Lusitalia project: Senior volunteers promoters of culture and knowledge between Italy and ;

In the 2014-2015 period the Association collaborated in the management of the Senior Volunteering project "TwinSeniors" for the exchange of senior volunteers between Italy and Germany.

Well as having worked in 4 mobility projects Erasmus+ EDA funded in 2014 in I, SP and RO, ANL is currently a member of the Erasmus+ project consortium KA2 2016 " “TELL ME - Theatre for Education and  Literacy Learning of  Migrants in Europe” run by the Nuovo Comitato il Nobel per i Disabili founded by the Italian Nobel Prize for Literature, Dario Fo.

In VET, ANL is accredited to DAFORM device of the Marche Region.

The Marche Region has now included in its regional training offer Catalog The following ANL courses:






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 Cultural heritage

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