Barbara Di Pietro

: Feb 11, 2021

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Ama aquilone is a cooperative, based in Italy running since 1981 6 different community-based prevention and therapeutical programs, supporting more than 100 "hosts" with almost all types of addictions (drugs, alcohol, gambling, internet addictions etc) and/or mental diseases, women with addictions and their children (sent by the Pathological Addiction Services of the Marche and other regions of Italy) and marginalized minors running two Educative Communities. We manage also a social farm for therapeutical program purposes, including breeding, beekeeping, biological vegetables and fruit farming and their transformation. We are at our first experience in ERSAMUS projcet, which could be an added value for the upcoming call. We are planning to write proposals on social storytelling and beeking for disavantaged youth and adults. If you have similar ideas please email  

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 Social Farming
 Capacity Building
 Social Innovation

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