Albanian Manufacturers Union

: Jun 28, 2021

Looking for Extra EU Funds
About Me

Albanian Manufacturers Union (AMU) was established in 2016 as a Business organization which represents, protects and supports the common interests of more than 700 manufacturing enterprises in10 industrial macro-sectors and more than 30 industrial sectors in Albania.

Currently the main projects we are engaged in is: "Waste To Energy" in partnership with GIZ and Titan Cement industry about circular economy, secondly "EU for Innovation" financed from GIZ as well.

AMU one of its main objectives is expanding its network in every field it represents, especially with universities, counterpart local and internationall NGOs, manufacturing companies etc 

Keywords and matching areas:

 Enterprise and Industry
 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Start Up
 Human Resources
 Education and Training

Ideas in Progress
No ideas yet!
Favourite Calls

 Aerospace Technology
 Climate Sciences
ExpectedOutcome:Proposals are expected to contribute to the following outcomes:Increased societal uptake of new technologies and knowledge-based solutions, achieved through better understanding of societal needs and higher societal acceptance;Increased place-based innovation and...
Deadline Oct 21, 2021   - 28 days