University Fan S. Noli, Korce, Albania

: Jan 27, 2023

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"Fan S. Noli" University (UNIKO) is an institution of higher education learning founded in 1971 in Korce, a town located in southeastern Albania on the border with Greece and Northern Macedonia. Its mission is to create, transmit, develop, and preserve knowledge through teaching, research, and other educational services it provides. Recently, UNIKO was granted institutional accreditation by British Quality Assurance Agency & The Agency of Quality Assurance of HEIS in Albania for a period of five years, ranking it among the top three public HEIS in Albania. At present, UNIKO has four faculties - Faculty of Economy, Agriculture, Education and Philology, Human and Natural Sciences - 14 departments, and three teaching and research groups. It offers a variety of study programs, including Bachelor programs (180 credits), 20 Professional Master programs (90 credits), 4 Master of Science programs (120 credits), 7 two-year vocational training study programs, and 1 Phd study program. 

UNIKO is proud to be an institution of higher learning where today 4000 students are receiving education in 30 specialties in Bachelor and Master programs. Our faculty consists of 158 knowledgeable pedagogues, of which 77% are doctors and professors, and 23% are candidates of science. Through the Center of Interdisciplinary Studies, UNIKO coordinates its research efforts on an institutional level. We also offer lifelong learning modules for teachers in service through the Center of Continuous Education (Faculty of Education and Philology and Faculty of Natural and Human Sciences), as well as research and professional opportunities in Experimental Didactic Economics Unit (Faculty of Agriculture). UNIKO also publishes its yearly "Buletini Shkencor", a nationally indexed scientific journal in two series, natural and social sciences. To further strengthen educational and scientific research interaction, the University has cooperation agreements with other national and international higher education institutions. 

UNIKO has been an integral part of the European Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus+ programs, CBHE, and Erasmus+ Mobility Projects. Our staff and students have been able to gain invaluable international experiences through participating in these programs. Over 40 academic staff and 60 students have benefited from the Erasmus+ program by developing their qualifications with mobilities to universities abroad. This has helped to expand their knowledge, build networks, and foster intercultural exchange. 

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