: Jan 27, 2019

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About Me

SusteNobil PR/ODUCTION is an organisation that supports initiatives in the Cultural Industries fields that aim to make the world a better and more beautiful place.

SusteNobil PR/ODUCTION's values

Creativity + Strategy = Good

Creativity + Strategy + Sustainability = Excellent

SusteNobil PR/ODUCTION's vision

Pursuing the values mentioned above, SusteNobil PR/ODUCTION acts in the following sectors of Cultural Industries:

- provides Public Relations and communication services

- facilitates education and training programmes

- supports music, visual & performance production.

In other words, SusteNobil PR/ODUCTION's mission is to keep up with the evolution of the Cultural Industries and to support businesses that share the same values, in order to enable CREATIVE PROJECTS TO ENJOY TODAY. AND TOMORROW.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Arts Education
 Creative Industries
 Cultural Management
 Human Sciences
 International Project Management
 Business Development
 Financial analysis

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