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: Mar 28, 2023

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D.G.T. Association is a non-governmental non-profit organization that was born in 2011 from the passion of a few youngsters who wanted to take action and make a change in their society. D.G.T.’s founding members have had the desire to give back all the things they have learned and experienced during previous years of volunteering.

D.G.T.’s mission focuses on national and international networking among young people, students, trainers and teachers of different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. It tackles topics such as intercultural exchange, non-formal education, sport, ecology, climate change, sustainable development, European citizenship and international politics (geopolitics). All these are added to facilitate the accumulation of experience by young people, through voluntary activities and non-formal education methods, allowing them to put into practice everything they have learned in school.

Our main targets are high-school and university students, young entrepreneurs and disadvantaged young people and youth leaders in Romania. We work with volunteers from all universities in Bucharest (especially the Academy of Economics, the largest economics university from South-East Europe and Lumina University) and we collaborate with other youngsters all throughout Romania, who are studying in other universities from all over the country (Cluj-Napoca, Ilfov, Ploiesti, Iasi, Bacau, Suceava, Vatra Dornei, Brasov, Craiova, Focsani, Constanta, Arad, etc). Another significant fact is that we have a very strong cooperation with volunteers and young people from Moldova Republic, as well. 

As of 2011 we are organizing our own events in Romania: youth exchanges, youth democracy projects, training courses, seminars for contact-making and conferences. Themes of our projects relate to social problems (migration, integration, fighting poverty, active citizenship), cultural aspects (respect for diversity, peaceful co-existence), political issues (democracy, freedom of speech), ecology, sports and arts (painting, photography, singing, dancing). Therefore, we have quite enough experience in a high variety of topics.

Regarding partnerships in international activities such as youth exchanges, trainings, conferences and other events of this sort, our members have very good experience, as we have worked with many foreign NGOs in elaborating and implementing such projects (Youth in Action, Europe for Citizens, EuroMed Youth, Anna Lindh Foundation and Council of Europe financing schemes). Activities have been performed in both programme countries (Germany, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Poland, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Latvia, Turkey, etc) and partner (Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt, etc).

We are working with young people with fewer opportunities and have good practical experience integrating them in our projects. Many of our international events take place in rural areas where we include marginalized youth like unemployed young people, young people from geographically isolated areas and young people with a hard social background (orphans, from broken families, with immigrant background, etc). Furthermore, when we are sending organization for projects taking place abroad, we are trying to have in the team consisting of young people with fewer opportunities and NEET because we understand the importance of the positive impact these projects have on them.

D.G.T. has youth workers with solid practical experience concerning all the aspects of the project cycle in a youth exchange: need assessment, proposal writing, implementation, evaluation, follow-up activities, reporting. Such key-staff can help the applicant organization in whatever aspects they see fit.

Since 2011, we’ve sent more than 1000 young people in international projects abroad. Only in  2014 we’ve sent more than 300 participants in over 70 projects.

As we are always in search for new projects and opportunities, in 2016, we started hosting 6 EVS volunteers through the project “iVolunteering+” for 10 months, and in the same time, through Erasmus Placement programme, we have welcomed 2 volunteers in Bucharest, where they have learned how to write and apply their own projects.

Starting with January 2014 we’ve established our first D.G.T. branch. D.G.T. Moldova is our first branch.

 And we are continuously interested in expanding our network constantly …

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