Bogdan Achim

 Energy Efficiency

: Feb 7, 2019

About Me

Bogdan Achim holds multidisciplinary expertise transcending the power sector commons, as electricity consumption forecasting, assessment of external costs of energy, performing environmental audits and due diligence reports, authoring power regulation acts and modelling electricity wholesale market trading.
Bogdan Achim's portfolio grew consistently in the last decade with dozens of Cost-Benefit and risk analyses, power, gas and coal market studies, electricity consumption forecasting models, mathematic modeling/ simulation/ optimization of power units operation.
For instance, Mr. Achim managed a compressed natural gas (CNG) market study, a regulatory analysis for a VPP, as well as participation to an ENTSO-E benefit indicators study and a power systems adequacy study for the Romanian OTS, Transelectrica. Finally, in the last three years, Bogdan Achim authored two electricity market studies for two potential investors in Romania but has also delivered training sessions on the energy sector to finance personnel and authored cost-benefit analyses for Battery Energy Storage systems (BESS) as well. Currently, Mr. Achim is involved in one EBRD Green Cities Iasi project, as Energy/Climate Change Expert.

Fields of Expertise:

 Natural Resources
 Creative Europe
 EU Macro-Regional strategies
 European Politics

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