Florina Dragulin

: Aug 4, 2023

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About Me

I am Florina Dragulin, project manager within JRS Romania, an international organization focusing on advocating on the rights of refugees and other forcibly displaced people and on providing alternatives to detention, access to protection and social inclusion services. 

Currently we implement 20 projects in the area of refugee protection and social inclusion, out of which 2 are within European Consortiums and the rest financed by the European Comission through AMIF and EU4Health Programs, or privately funded by international donors, such as Plan International, DEC charities, International Rescue Mission, UNICEF. 

We are open to joining international partnership and Consortiums and for attracting funds for the purpose of continuing providing access to housing, employment, mental health, education, social services and legal protection to people affected by forced migration in Romania. 

Keywords and matching areas:

 Disadvantaged People
 Social Housing
 Migrants and Refugees

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