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: Feb 28, 2023

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My name is Diana Pasarin and I am Ph.D. Biologist, Senior Researcher 3rd degree I am working within Bioresources Department, G2 team, at National Institute for Research & Development in Chemistry and Petrochemistry, ICECHIM, Bucharest, Romania.

I am writing to you to find points of mutual interest for cooperation. My expertise and the reputation of the Institute are a guarantee of the professionalism that a team needs. Below is a brief description of the institute and recent projects in which I have been involved as project responsible.

ICECHIM is one of Romania's most important chemical R&D institutes, focused mainly on technological research. ICECHIM has 5 Scientific Departments: Bioresources, Biotechnologies, Analysis, Polymers, Chemical, and Petrochemical Technology, and the representative laboratories are the bio-resources laboratory, screening laboratory, and analysis laboratory. Bioresources Department is specialized in bioresources, valorization of agro/food wastes, plant extracts, and essential oils, with several applications mainly in the food industry and biotechnology.

I am participating in running Eureka/Eurostars projects with expertise in valorization by conventional and modern methods, of raw material from natural renewable resources (plant peptide-rich protein hydrolysates) and identification and quantification of chemical compounds; valorization of agro/food wastes (whey, apple pomace, oleaginous seeds wastes); classical and modern methods of extraction of active compounds from yeasts and medicinal and aromatic plants with applications in the food and livestock sector.

The subjects of Eureka/Eurostars projects are mentioned below:

- feed additives - valorization of the renewable substrate of the dairy industry (whey) and transforming it into bioproducts that may be used in the zootechny field as feed additives with immune modulatory and prebiotic effects for diversification of protein and mineral sources in animals’ diet.

- feed additives and functional food products – obtaining nutritionally enriched eggs by feeding laying hens with mixed fodder modified by the addition of yeast biomass rich in carotenoids and oligo-elements.

 - functional food products – development of new functional beverages containing apple juices fortified with optimal mixtures of prebiotics (oligosaccharides from apple pectin), probiotic strains and antioxidants (from apple pomace), as alternative food matrix to fermentative beverages based on milk and yogurt (known probiotic food) to promote health benefits and wellness to consumers.

 - food supplements, cosmetics, and feed additives – utilization of valuable by-products resulting from the milk and poultry egg industry, undervalued beekeeping products for obtaining innovative dietary supplements, products for external use, and feed additives and up-graded in marketable products.

- food supplements – development of innovative blends based on honey with essential oils and bioactive compounds, derived from aromatic plant and berry pomace, used as dietary supplements with proven health benefits.

- functional food products - development of innovative high-quality functional food products with the bioactive peptides prepared from bee pollen, an existing product that will be optimized in terms of enhancing its digestibility through hydrolysis and low-GI carbohydrates mainly based on corn starch hydrolysate.

- functional ingredients – development of new functional dry food products containing synbiotic microcapsules, to improve bacteria viability and stability, and fortified with plant peptide-rich protein hydrolysates, to enhance the bioavailability of ingredients, and nutritional and commercial value.

In all our projects, we have industrial partners from Romania involved in experimental development and industrial pilot plant demonstration of the technology or product. 

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 Agricultural Biotechnology
 Innovation & Research

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