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: Jun 18, 2020

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SCDP Baneasa - Research and Development Station for Fruit Tree Growing Baneasa, Bucharest is a public institution subordinated to the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences "Gheorghe Ionescu-Şişeşti" (A.A.F.S.)- the national scientific body in the field of agriculture, veterinary medicine, food industry, forestry, and environment, and coordinated by Maracineni Fruit Tree Growing Research and Development Institute, Arges.

SCDP Baneasa has been set up in the year 1977 by the Ministry of Agriculture that focuses on fruit trees and fruit-bearing shrubs study, in the southern part of the country.

The research activity developed by SCDP Băneasa focuses on new technologies for obtaining fruits and material for planting fruits.

The main directions and objectives of are related to fruit trees and fruit bushes in the new general trends of agricultural development, such as smart agriculture (Agriculture 4.0), smart irrigation, food traceability, IoT, precision robotics, bioeconomy, circular agriculture, and organic farming practices.

The scientific results obtained are to be transferred to farmers with farms located in the area of activity of the research resort, respectively Ilfov, Ialomița, Teleorman, Giurgiu, Călărași, Mehedinți, Dolj, Prahova counties.

The administrative headquarters of SCDP Băneasa is located in Bucharest (sector 1), Romania

In Bucharest, there are also research laboratories, and areas cultivated with apricot, cherry, apple, and nursery plantations.

The main research, development - innovation activity takes place within two research bases located in Bucharest and, respectively, in Ilfov County.

Within the experimental base in Ilfov County (Moara Domneasca), the research area is planted with different varieties and cultivars of fruit trees and shrubs, apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, cherries, apples, raspberries, currants, currants, blackberries.

SCDP Băneasa manages an area of 2 ha in conversion to organic farming for research, experimentation and demonstration of techniques and methods of production and management of fruit trees and shrubs in the organic system. Part of this area (200 sqm), is occupied by an experimental plot for researching raspberry and chokeberry crops in the organic system. SCDP Băneasa's concerns also include research into medicinal and aromatic plants.

Main activities performed by the Research Station are:

  • collect and preserve the germplasm fund for trees and fruit-bearing shrubs;
  • genetic proof of quality breeding of for trees and fruit-bearing shrubs;
  • genetic analysis of economical important characteristics of for trees and fruit-bearing shrubs;
  • finding out the biochemical markers involved in resistance against diseases and freeze;
  • induce genetic variability by conventional methods (hybridization, consangvinization , physical and chemical mutagenesis);
  • using biostimulators in fruit trees and fruit-bearing shrubs;
  • research on integrated fight systems for apricot, peach, and nectarine trees, strawberries, and fruit bushes;
  • study of irrigation methods of apricot, peach, nectarine, cherry and sour cherry species for the south area conditions of Romania;

The development sector - as main beneficiary of research results - finances by own resources research themes and technological sequences such as:

  • introduction of new registered and patented varieties in pilot plots and studying their evolution in production conditions;
  • phytosanitary protection in integrated/organic system, monitoring and warning about phytosanitary treatments;
  • monitoring nourishment and fertilization in ecological system of fruit trees and fruit-bearing shrubs;
  • technological sequences for obtaining planting material free of viroses;
  • monitoring elements that reflects the quality of soil;
  • monitoring and warning about optimum wetting periods of fruit trees, fruit-bearing shrubs;
  • study and applications of weeds control methods.

In this mission, SCDP Baneasa collaborates with entities from the academic environment, private association, clusters and technology transfer centers as well as with those from the governance sector, from Romania and from the international community.

SCDP Băneasa works on a regional scale to create and strengthen collaborations between academia and fruit farmers in the region of influence of the research unit.

ERRIS (Engage in the European Research Infrastructures System) short link:   ERIO-2100-000U-1681


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