Selvi Software and Hardware Technologies Co. Ltd.

: Nov 24, 2021

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About Me

Selvi Technology's working fields are: Artificial Intelligence Based Computer Vision;

As Selvi Technology, we carry out intensive R&D activities in the deep learning sub-field of artificial intelligence. We work on object identification, semantic segmentation, action diagnosis and anomaly diagnosis from input images (RGB, RGB-D, thermal, IR, high altitude aerial photographs, satellite photographs, synthetic aperture radar, etc.).

Autonomy: We carry out R&D activities on the following subjects so that unmanned vehicles can navigate and perform tasks fully autonomously:

- Individual full autonomy

- GNSS independent semantic navigation

- Environmental awareness with computer vision

- Simultaneous positioning and mapping

- Route planning

- Avoiding obstacles

Swarm Intelligence - Swarm Systems: We carry out R&D activities on the following subjects in the field of unmanned vehicles to function in droves:

- Decentralized control

- Formation and protection

- Joint navigation

- Joint decision making

- Joint task execution

- Swarm communication

Keywords and matching areas:

 Aerospace Technology
 Innovation & Research
 Artificial Intelligence

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