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 Adult Learning

: Jan 16, 2020

About Me

As an adult education centre and host organisation, we are able to welcome participants to make a European Voluntary Service, a Youth Exchange, a Mobility Training as well as Erasmus. We also offer language courses and cultural activities as host organisation.

Host organisation services in Ankara,Turkey.

Monitoring the development of the project step by step;
Accommodation in shared and fully equipped apartments in Ankara;
Contrast evaluation and monitoring of all participants;
Coordinating and managing overall project with financial process;
Pedagogical/cultural/linguistic training at the arrival;
Organizing accommodation (shared appartment fully equipped), local transport and airport transfer;
Organization of internships in partnership with the employer (agreements with companies and institutions to be held in stages, setting the stage plan);
Presentation of a final report and dissemination of results;
Collaborate in the preparation of the Europass Mobility and/or other certificates;

Internships in Turkey sectors in our host organisation

Administration, Management, Human Reources and Secretary;
Hospitality (Hotels) and Catering (Restaurants);
Food and Cooking;
Health & Social Care;
Information technology (software and hardware) and Multimedia;
Law and Insurances;
Psycology and Social Work;
Sports and leisure;
Graphic design, Marketing and Advertising

Fields of Expertise:

 Higher Education
 Youth Exchanges
 European Voluntary Services
 Lifelong Learning

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