Fatih Ugur

: Feb 20, 2020

About Me

I am a video producer/maker and photographer based in Ankara, Turkey focusing on international networking and providing video production services both abroad and in Turkey to a wide variety of clients from British Media Agencies to European Union Projects in Turkey or European businesses in Austria.

I have completed over 40 European Union and internationally funded Video Production and Photography projects, including documentary film making, success story films, training and educational videos, promotion videos, video journalism, event and conference videography as well as nationwide media content production for private companies and social media content production in Turkey.

The services I provide are ; 

- Manage and drive the creation of video content for the projects
- Write budget and content proposals
- Direct and manage executive level clients
- Organise schedules in order to reach deliverables as planned
- Determining what format, approach, content and medium will be most effective to meet objectives and remain within budget
- Lead projects through all phases of production including directing, planning, creative development, hiring and coordinating a team of freelance talent as needed, pre-production, production/shooting, post-production, finishing/delivery
- Develop a concept through the entire process of creating videos – pitching to the client, writing the script, securing talent, shooting, editing and distribution
- Carrying out duties such as casting, talent booking, script editing, shot composition
- Coordinate all aspects of the shootings including locations, extras and talent, when needed
- Handle professional camera equipment, sound and lighting on location and in studio
- Operate video cameras, lighting equipment and audio equipment; provide troubleshooting of video, audio and lighting equipment; perform routine equipment maintenance; decide for software and equipment purchases
- Photography
- Operate and maintain Unmanned Aircrafts (Drones) for video and photo
- Transport and set up video, lighting and audio equipment as required
- Operate and setup green box studio 
- Video editing, color correction, chroma keying
- Music composition, mixing, production and scoring with midi pianos/drums and DAWs
- Audio recording, correction, editing 
- Compression of video and audio projects for output
- Creating, managing, preparing and updating the content of the website and social media accounts

One of the projects I have recently started to provide video production and photography services is the ‘Technical Assistance for Increasing the Quality of the Special Education Services for Inclusive Education’ Project which is funded by the European Union and Turkey ;

- Creation of video ideas, concepts and scenarios matching the content of the project 
- Writing concepts, scenarios, scripts and shooting lists
- Making presentations to the beneficiary 
- Directing the set with volunteer talents including children and adults
- Making the video shootings, setting up the light
- Making the editing, post production and voiceover for the videos
- Filming interviews and broll footage for future videos
- Photography work for visibility activities 
- Organizing, preparing and operating the video and photo equipment
- Setting up the portable green screen


Fields of Expertise:

 Animal Health and Welfare
 Disadvantaged People
 Digital Culture
 Film and Media
 Video Production
 Mental health

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