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: Jan 22, 2019

About Me

I am a senior development practitioner with more than 20 years of ;Throughout my professional experience, I had first-hand experience of project management practices and methodologies addressing to very sensitive and complex  development challenges with the main axes of governance, responsiveness and empowerment covering thematic areas of judicial reform, anti-corruption, women’s empowerment and gender equality, security sector reform, forced migration, parliamentary development, social cohesion, border management, global development agendas and social inclusion of segments facing discrimination due to their age, gender, faith, socio-economic status and sexual orientation and with very different budget amounts. This also necessitates direct and overall management and supervision of technical teams. Owing to my academia and development related responsibilities, I have been working as socio-political analyst with reference to Turkey and its (re-) positioning in the international community, with its neighbors and particularly with the EU. My managerial positions required development and management of programs and projects addressing to sensitive topics, those have obligated to have in-depth knowledge of the contexts of Turkey, the EU, the OIC countries, Central Asia and the Middle East. Direct working relation with the Presidency, National Security Council, the Prime Ministry, high judiciary, line ministries, Armed Forces, internal security units, local and regional development bodies including local governments, regional development agencies professional organizations, international and national NGOs and donor organizations led to an invaluable organizational awareness and knowledge including principles, trends and unwritten norms of each body. Projects those I developed and managed could not be successful without contextual awareness and in-depth knowledge. My professional experience is predominantly at medium-level management cadres those require leadership, representation of respective institutions vis-à-vis national, regional and intra-national bodies and management of teams composed of fixed and temporary staff from very different disciplines, countries and professional backgrounds and positions. Program development and general coordination require very good drafting skills for the projects those are subjected to negotiation with national and intranational bodies. Participation to critical high-level meetings and intra-ministerial taskforces as rapporteur has contributed to the development of top-notch report drafting skills. Precondition for working as medium-rank manager is successful and sustaining relationship building with different level and category of institutions that I have enjoyed a very good track record. Regardless of the thematic area or partnering body, in the scope of my assignments there have been continuous analysis of the contextual developments and implementation including the performance of the established technical teams and responsive problem solving without which the developed programs and projects could not meet the expectations and achieve the desired outputs and outcomes. Owing to the established trust with partners with an inclusive and participatory approach, I successfully implement and complete politically very sensitive projects. This continuous and must effort could not be achieved without adaptability to new conditions and requirements.

Fields of Expertise:

 Social Affaires and Inclusion
 Disadvantaged People
 Development and Cooperation
 Gender Equality
 Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)
 Culture and Development
 Migrants and Refugees

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