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: Jul 31, 2022

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Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation (MoEU), is responsible for the environment, public works, and urban planning in Turkey, by arranging the rules, permits and restrictions for urbanisation and securing the environment. In National Energy Efficiency Programme Context; In 2008 the Regulation on Energy Performance in Buildings, under MoEU, was adopted in line with the Energy Efficiency Law Issue: 25322, 02.05.2007. The Law requires each new building to have an energy certificate specifying its energy performance level.

Also MoEU set up the National Climate Change Strategy of 2010-2023 aiming to increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in buildings.

Turkey has issued the last policy document at the beginning of 2018: National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP). The first NEEAP of Turkey constituted the ground for the forthcoming policies and measures to stimulate the EE market in the country.

The planned contribution of the proposed Action to the Actions in the NEEAP (2017-2023) regarding the buildings and services are as follows;

B2. Create a database for building energy consumption data B3. Set energy saving targets for public buildings

B5. Rehabilitate existing buildings and improve energy efficiency

B10. Improve energy performance of existing public buildings

MoEU is one of the responsible public bodies for the implementation of above listed targetted activities

Within the scope of the efforts to adapt to the climate change and emission reduction stated in the 11th Development Plan of Turkey (2019-2023) ; it is planned to expand the buildings that are more efficient and produce their own energy, and to support the energy efficiency in existing buildings, and to start “Energy Efficiency Project” in public buildings which is under the responsibility of MoEU. Considering Turkey’s building stock, there are a significant number of buildings with high energy consumption in Turkey. Within the scope of the Energy Efficiency in Buildings project prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in 2017, it is aimed to increase energy efficiency in new buildings and existing buildings, to provide economic gain, and thus to support developments in the field of climate change and energy efficiency.


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