Sectorul 2 al Municipiului Bucuresti (Primaria Sectorului 2)

: Jun 9, 2021

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Sector 2 of the Municipality of Bucharest is a local public authority, a territorial administrative subdivision of the Municipality of Bucharest.

The City Hall of Sector 2 is  permanently at the service of the needs of the local community thus ensuring the prosperity of the inhabitants of Sector 2, by providing public services in education, health, culture, youth, sports, public order, personal records, emergencies, environmental protection and restoration. Sector 2 is among the first sectors of the capital, being the region that currently registers the fastest development in Bucharest.

City Hall of Sector 2 offers support for projects that include measures for sustainable development of cities, for improving the social infrastructure, for energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions, education projects. Our organization has an extensive experience in coordinating human and financial resources and has the necessary tools to implement local public projects, such as infrastructure projects, local tourism and leisure development projects, project for thermal rehabilitation of civil buildings, project for landscaping and urban regeneration development, public safety projects through video surveillance, social projects and other projects in accordance with our local development strategy and/or other national investment programs.

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