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: Dec 16, 2017

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Founded in 2014 The “Progress Foundation” creates the basis of the intellectual and scientific core. Our mission is to build a better future for bright minds in Albanian society and ; To do so, we are mainly focused on three fields:

1. Education: The foundation will contribute in the improvement of the quality of the education in Albania, of the national and international partner institutions covering all the educational levels. This will be possible by offering scholarships and monetary subsidies not only to the educational institutions but also including the research field. The foundation will support and organize training programs, symposiums, national and international conferences by cooperating and collaborating with national and international organizations.

2. Cultural Exchange Program: There will be intercultural exchange programs with regional and international organizations. This will include: Cultural Exchange Programs with European Countries and Beyond, Training, Exchange Study Programs

3. Human Rights and The rule of law has played an integral part in Albanian anchoring economic, social and cultural rights in Albanian constitutions, laws and regulations from the time of monarchy, through communism and now in democracy. In the spirit of European Union, rule of law has become more crucial for the Balkan region. Through organizing conferences, studies, and partnerships with government institutions we aim to improve democracy in Albania and increase accountability for human rights and rule of law.

There will be a particular sector within the institution dedicated to the charitable activities of the “Progress Foundation” in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and SE Europe. These activities will include all the possible aspects of charity for the people in need, which can be families, students, the Roma community, the third generation, and socio-cultural investments.

Based on these pillars “Progress” will enable the necessary infrastructures for a research center that will gather the elite of the Albanian society.

Vision: A group of intellectuals, professionals, and volunteers sharing a set of values, ideas, and experience to contribute in change and improvement in the Albanian society.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Youth Exchanges
 Cultural heritage
 Culture and Development
 European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
 European social fund (ESF)
 Horizon Europe
 European Union

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