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: Jun 5, 2020

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About Me

Experienced professional with a 28 years record of practice in development and management.
Engineering background, specialized in Systems & Solutions Development and Implementation as well as Product Development and Manufacturing for IT&C, Automation, Security and Defence industries.
Project Development and Management record for projects up to 60M Euros for various customers, Corporate or Government, from Banking and Retail to Transportation, Defence and Aerospace.
International Business development skills and experience in EMEA ;

Founder of Tejas Development - a consultancy startup.

Founder of Flori pentru Inimi - a non profit project of building a community of "workers with and for souls". By bringing together and supporting creators, facilitators and service providers, the project is bringing added value for processes in education and training, creative and performing arts, healthcare, therapies, wellness and entertainment.

Founder of PeachARTCrew - a creative project aimed at the development of VR/AR industry while promoting a vision of balance and usefulness. The focus is on bringing together a multidisciplinary team of creators sharing this vision and involving it in projects for development of added value VR / AR content, packaged in products and services that will complement and enhance classical methods for the development of minds, bodies and hearts of people.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Alternative Therapies
 Digital Economy
 IT Applications
 Education and Training
 Creative Industries
 New Media
 Performing Arts
 Visual Arts
 Open Source

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